Offering Quality, Affordable California Wines. Your Product. Your Customers. Your Profit. Your Brand Your Success. Offer a brand no
one else has. We provide affordable,  great quality, great tasting bottles of California wine.  We work with your company to create a
unique branded bottle of wine. Our  services include- Wine Label Design, Regulatory/Compliance Filings. Shipping to most any
country, Marketing & Merchandising Support.
Private labeled wines allow you to control all aspects of the product. You develop your own unique brand name, choose your
customers and your profit margins. If you are looking for a “fun” brand sold in volume or an “exclusive” offered to fine  restaurants—we
work closely with our team of expert wine label designers to provide a product based on your specifications. Result—a product you
can be proud of.
Our established relationship with growers and vintners in California ensures a great quality bottle of wine at  an affordable wholesale
price .
We have been involved in exporting from the United States since 2004. We can arrange shipping to most any country and assist you
with marketing & merchandising.
Our labels are designed to ensure the wine bottling requirements of your country are met.
Wholesalers today face increased challenges from other competitors, direct-to-consumer by wineries, margin pressures and a lack of
differentiation. With our Private Label Program you can fight back with your own uniquely branded wines that allow you to achieve a
profitable outcome.
We work with retail businesses to develop exclusive private label brands which give higher profits than national brands. Sell a
product that no other store carries
Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants
Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants work hard to build and brand their properties. With our program, wines become a compelling way to
enhance the property’s branding,. They also make great gifts for marketing campaigns & preferred customer promotions.
Wonderful margin-driven wines for events, banquets and parties..
Great gifts for Marketing Campaigns & preferred customer promotions.
A private labeled wine makes a great addition at company functions and parties. They make perfect gifts for preferred customers.
Welcome to Bennett Wines. We offer affordable, quality California wines to wholesalers and retailers
worldwide. Each bottle is handcrafted and customized to create your very own unique, private labeled bottle
of wine. You provide the inspiration, the dream. We provide experienced wine artists and great tasting bottles
of California wine to create your very own exclusive bottle of private labeled wine. Result - a product you can
be proud of and a profit margin worthy of your time.